Jai shri balaji
Jai shri balaji- The temple of Mehandipur Balaji is situated between two hills near Dausa district of Rajasthan.

The pure testicles and the holy atmosphere here provide immense pleasure to the mind. See also the creations of city-life here.

Because of his parents, Hanumanji is called Anjaneya and Kesarinandan. Kesariji was called Kapiraj, because he belonged to the caste of monkeys called Kapi.

There is a small hole in the left chest of Mehandipur Balaji, from which water flows continuously.

Devotees believe that there are such miraculous powers, due to which one gets rid of negative forces like ghosts.

In the court of Mehandipur Balaji, whoever makes an application with a sincere heart and devotion, he is definitely heard. Shri Balaji fulfills every wish of that devotee.

Go to the When temple, do not eat the prasad from there and do not take it to your home because doing so casts a shadow on you.

Do not touch or talk to any unknown person in the temple.

One should leave non-veg, egg, garlic, onion and alcohol before going to the temple.

One should read  Hanuman ji Chalisa and Sunderkand. Banana and mango should be given to monkeys.

A person troubled by upper obstacles like ghost-vampire should recite Bajrangban and go to Hanuman temple daily or on Tuesdays and Saturdays and offer incense sticks to Hanumanji.

Those devotees who recite Ramayana or Shri Ramcharit Manas or read their couplets daily, they get special affection of Hanumanji.

When the destination is near, there is paucity of time and circumstances demand, then it is not inappropriate to use force.


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