Old game memories
Old game memories- Earlier outdoor and indoor games and indoor games were played, now due to new technology, children have turned away from playing outdoor games.

Gilli-Danda, Snake’s Ladder, and Ludo are some such names, just by mentioning them we either go to our old memories,

Nowadays no one has time because new technology has arrived. Mobiles, Laptops, Video Game Players, etc.

1. The hide and seek game is great. All the children used to hide in their way when someone was looking for them. The range of the hiding place was fixed.

2. I like the pitthu game it requires two players. Seven flat stones were to be thrown one over the other, but each team had to do so before the other team threw them out.

3. Carrom board is the best game. Four players play in this and Playing refreshes the mind.

4. The game of Kho-Kho is fun. Everyone played it very carefully, as it was a competition game.

5. Gutte or Kittu This traditional game is played by both children and adults. This simple game requires 5 small stones. You toss a stone into the air and pick up another stone before it hits the ground. This game can be played with any number of people.

6. There are many benefits of playing sports to our body. One of such benefits is the development of muscles. Playing sports keeps our internal body fit and healthy.

7. Eye-to-eye is a fun game. Boys and girls can play this game together or in separate teams. In this game, a cloth bandage is tied in the eye of one of the players. This player tries to catch the players around him by tying the bandage, which he catches, then the bandage is tied in his eyes.


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