How to reduce stomach heat

Home remedies for stomach heat.

Most of the people are getting heat in stomach in this season. The main symptoms are vomiting, nausea, headache and indigestion.

Pimples come on the skin by eating fast food and heavy. And acidity starts increasing in the stomach.
Do not keep the stomach empty at any time. being hungry causes heat.

Fruits, juices and green vegetables should be eaten for cooling your abdomen .

Eat saunf and mishri after having food. It prevents to create acidity and food gets digested properly.

Sitting soaked in cold water for 20 minutes also provides relief. For this, you can also put some ice in the water.

Wear light coloured clothes to stay cool in summer.

Eating more non-veg causes heat as Indian non-veg recipes contain so much of oil and large amount of red chilly that causes heat.

Along with this kind of heavy food smoking and alcohol should not be taken, as it does harm in many ways.

Grind arhar dal and drink it , it gives relief from stomach heat.

Medicines should do not be taken on their own.

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