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The greatest true happiness is peace when one’s mind remains calm. The mind becomes calm.

Some People who are unsatisfied with their life, do not have peace in their minds, and complain about their life and are caused by mental stress.

We should not get angry and uproot the wrong things, then only happiness and peace can be found. Subduing the mind, we will bring peace.

Must be Life is busy. Be sure to watch your favourite song or movie. The mind is fresh and by reading religious books, the mind becomes calm.

Meditation and Breathing exercises should be done. Enjoy nature for to keep your mind relaxed and away from all worries of life.

The best way is to take a diary and let all the thoughts of your mind go on beautifully on it. By doing this your mind will be happy and your health will also be good.

One should see the good quality of others and enjoy their love. Don’t think about their lack.

Happiness and sorrow not only depend on how the environment around you is, it also depends on what is the environment inside you.

Darkness cannot dispel darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive away hatred: only love can do that. With love and peace everything is possible.

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