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Rules of food

  1. One should eat calmly while eating.
  2. The meal served should not be condemned. No matter how delicious it is, it should be served with love at home.
  3. Light meals should be taken at night and take a walk after having dinner.
  4. Be very tired and eat only after taking a rest. Eating in fatigue worsens health.
  5. Do not give your false leftover to anyone.
  6. Do not drink tea or water after having a meal.
  7. One who eats on credit eats on demand and eats by stealing, gets bad karma.
  8. When you are stressed or fatigued, then you should not eat hurriedly.
  9. Having meals without hunger encourages many diseases. Therefore, do not have food until you feel hungry.
  10. Many such people in the world do not like home food, then they should try to consume as healthy as possible to stay healthy for a longer period.
  1. Never disrespect food, make sure to donate to the needy.
  1. Never wash hands after having meals on a plate. By doing this, Mata Lakshmi and Annapurna Mata are insulted and money is lost.
  2. Come, let us all bring such a rule in our country, Distribute the remaining good food to the needy.

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