Liver Diet

After reading this anyone can tell a lot more about the items which should be taken to make your liver healthy.

1. If possible every morning, take a glass of kokum sherbet.

2. To keep the right hand on the lever, you can use an ice pack and put it on the lever.

3. Bengali sweets can be consumed. (without cream, etc.)

4. In this situation, fat, oil, red chili powder, and fried food should be avoided.

5. Fish and milk products should be avoided. Lassi can be consumed after extracting the cream (white butter) from the buttermilk.

6. LIV-52 tablet can be used on a doctor’s advice or as per an expert’s discretion.

7. Citrus fruits can also be consumed. (Mango, apple, banana, and Sapodilla should be avoided.)

8. Black sesame should be avoided and Steamed vegetables, moong dal is ideal for a hot liver condition.

9. Absolutely no red chili powder in food.

10. Amla murabba or murabba is ideal and can be consumed in the morning and evening l, twice a day.

11. Sunflower oil should be used in limited quantities for cooking.

12. Ginger, garlic, potato, and cucumber are also good.

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