There are different types of tea.

Black tea-

This is without milk and sugar is added to it. The problem of diabetes can be reduced by its consumption. It is rich in antioxidants, which can help strengthen immunity and are beneficial for heart health.

Mint tea –

Boil mint leaves in water and add honey. It is used to improve digestion. Mint is mainly used as a mouth freshener.

Masala Chai-

Some people drink masala chai. In this, boil water, sugar, cardamom, clove, ginger, black pepper, and lentil sugar. Drinking chai helps in reducing cough.

Lemon tea –

For this, leaves are kept in hot water for two to three minutes. After filtering it, lemon juice is added to it. Then sugar or honey, mint, dry ginger powder, black salt, etc. are mixed in whatever they like.

Iced tea –

Some people like this i.e. chilled chai in the fridge. To make it, its leaves are kept in hot water. Then it is filtered. When it cools down, lemon juice, sugar, etc. is mixed in it and kept in the fridge to cool down. Drink it after it is chilled. Ice cubes can be put in it.

Raspberry tea

This is a herbal chai which has medicinal properties. Usually it is given to pregnant women during delivery for efficient uterus. However, being a medicinal property, anyone can consume it.

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