Benefits of honey

Benefits of Honey- Real honey is very thick and when put in water, it does not dissolve easily, but gets frozen at the bottom, while fake honey dissolves quickly in water. However, this is not a sure measure to check the purity of honey.

it is a sweet, sticky, sticky substance made by bees.Their life is of 45 days and they keep on preparing honey these days.

Bees preserve nectar in the form of honey (when flowers are lacking) to meet the need for future food.  The honey of the mustard flower freezes.

If the middle part of the honeycomb is cut with a knife, the honey becomes ready again in 15 days.

Pure honey is a supersaturated natural sugar solution and contains only 18% water. So it may not fit.

Honey gets solidified by adding sugar directly, whereas it does not solidify when these sugar syrups are mixed.

Eating honey improves eyesight. Use honey if there is a disease of cataract in the eyes.

Drinking lukewarm water with honey is considered very beneficial to increase immunity during the corona period and lemon and ginger juice in warm water.

The taste of honey is warm. Therefore, it should be avoided to eat with hot things. Consuming honey with hot food can cause stomach upset. Honey is good for health and cures diseases.

Using honey is very beneficial even when the skin is cut or burnt. The antiseptic properties present in honey heal the burnt area quickly and also protect the skin from infection.


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