Lord shiva
Lord shiva- This is the meaning of Shivling, the symbol of the lord and Shakti. Here he is the symbol of man, and Goddess is the symbol of nature.

Trishul – The name Trishul has special significance because It means the weapon of Lord  which is considered very good.

Trishul made of gold, silver, and iron metal is seen in many pagodas.

Shri Bholenath always keeps it in his hand. Many people also put Trishul on the roof of their houses. By doing this, not only does happiness and peace remain in the family, but negative energy also does not enter.

Along with this, the grace of Lord  also remains always. Apart from this, it also protects the house from lightning.


When Lord  dances happily, he has Damru in his hands.

It is said that their damru has seven vowels. Damru is a small musical instrument.

When Goddess Saraswati appeared, she infused sound into the universe with the Veena, then Bholenath danced and played the damaru 14 times.

The melody and rhythm of the music were born from the sound of Damru.

Due to this boon received from the devotion of Shiva, a snake is seen wrapped around the neck of Lord.

Due to the effect of drinking poison, his body started getting extremely hot. Then the moon etc. gods prayed that he should wear the moon on his head, so that his body remains cool because the white moon is very cool and it provides coolness to the universe.



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