Back pain is also the most common problem these days. This problem can be due to sitting in one place for a long time, not sleeping in the correct posture, and suddenly getting veins in the neck. Muscle strain due to continuous use of computer and mobile.

1. Massage daily with oil (any oil that contains vitamins). After covering yourself with a shawl, oil. Removes stress and also affects the skin.

2. Massage your neck, chest, and shoulders with Tiger- or Essential Balm or Vicks (vapo rub). afterward, Always cover yourself, and don’t go out in the cold.

3. Exercise, exercise, or physical therapy, this is the medicine that works most effectively in neck pain and also relieves it. Exercising in cervical pain also gives great relief.

4. In such a situation, you should also avoid lifting heavy things. Because it can increase your neck pain.

5. Sleep without a pillow or use pillows specially designed for neck support.

6. Include things rich in vitamin D and calcium in your diet.

7. Do not talk with a mobile phone stuck between your ear and shoulder.

8. Press the area between the nail and the skin of the finger of the hand on the side where the stretch is. hold it down until your vein comes off.

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