International Friendship day

International Friendship Day – it is celebrated every year. The purpose of this day is to celebrate friendship as well as promote the idea of ​​meeting new people and making friends.

On this day people congratulate their friends by giving gifts, friendship bands, greeting cards, and bouquets. To make this day special, many people plan dinner outside with their colleagues or special friends, or want to watch a movie, or go on a long tour or picnic.

Every person should have friends in life. A good habit should be in the quality of a friend.

Everyone shares with each other. These people speak their mind. Don’t show your shortcomings in front of others.

Praise your friend in front of everyone. Friends do not leave bad times together and help in bad times.

There are both happiness and sorrow in friendship. True friends believe in us.

The things that we are not able to say to anyone, we easily tell it to friends, whether it is a matter of love or something else.

A friend is a person who plays a very important role in our life. It is difficult to make friends in today’s era because no one is trusted and friends should be made after thinking.

Friends tell our mistakes so that they can learn from our mistakes.

We are with you every moment, We are with you even in loneliness, Not yours but us, Every moment of your absence is felt.

How many get smiles, The sorrows of so many are erased, We send messages because So that even if you don’t get your friend, you don’t get less


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