Hariyali Teej
Hariyali Teej- Mother Parvati took 108 births to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva were married on the 108th of birth.

Lord Shiva is not only God but also complete as a husband, father, and guru. When you connect your meditation with Lord Shiva, his energy starts flowing in you.

One should meditate on Lord Shiva and meditation gets peace.

Greenery is seen everywhere. That is why this Teej is called the month of Sawan.

The married women wear green bangles, clothes for the happiness, prosperity, longevity, and healthy life of their husbands.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshiped on the day of the.

The ride of Mata Parvati is taken out with great pomp.

In the fast, women use green color more in green bangles, bindi, green saris, and other makeup items and Some people wear mehndi.

On the day of teej, married women observe a fast for the longevity of their husbands and unmarried women for getting the desired groom.

On the Dwitiya Tithi, the newly wedded / married woman is given Sinjara from the in-laws side. Make-up items, henna, bangles, clothes, jewellery, fruits and sweets are given in it.

Swinging on the swings of women and girls is also very important. Women and girls swing on swings, sing songs, dance.

Never speak untruth to your husband and family members or misbehave with them. Always speak the truth and treat them well.

As soon as the monsoon comes, there is greenery all around. Married women wear green clothes and bangles in Teej. Green color symbolizes love, happiness and joy.


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