Types of garland
Types of garland- The garland should always be personal, the garland of others should not be used. Before chanting the mantra, one should pray with a garland in hand that the chanting done with the garland is successful. At the time of chanting the mantra, the rosary should not be touched by the index finger, as well as there should not be a violation of Sumeru.

1. sandalwood garland –
Sandalwood garland is related to Shri Ram, Lord Vishnu, and Shri Krishna and is used to chant the mantras associated with them. The disease is quenched and due to the softening of nature, friends of such a person become more. Rakt sandalwood is used in the worship of Goddess Durga and its use/wearing also brings peace to the planet Mars. Chanting the mantra of Mars on a rosary of blood sandalwood also gives full benefits and Mars remains calm.

2. coral garland-
Coral is related to Mars and by wearing a garland of coral, the defects caused by Mars are quenched. Mind and self-esteem increase and anger are pacified. Offering coral garland to Ganapati is also considered very auspicious. It also eliminates blood-related defects and also gives peace to the upper obstruction.

3. basil garland –
To please Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Surya Narayan, and Vishnu, in general, chanting with Tulsi garland would be best. The mantra should be chanted at least 108 times with this rosary. At the same time, it is also suitable to wear this quantity for purification of body and soul.

4. rudraksha beads –
Rudraksha beads are chanted to please Shri Gayatri Mata, Maa Durga, Shiva, Ganesha, Swami Kartik, and Parvati. Along with this, wearing a Rudraksha garland around the neck is beneficial for heart disease, and blood pressure. At the same time, this garland has a special power to avert premature death. Wearing the Rudraksha garland brings physical-mental strength, happiness, and peace to the family.

5. crystal garland-
Sphatik Malas are similar to crystals in a way but they do not have any color. When you chant mantras using this rosary, these beads attract the negative energy around you, thereby calming your mind and soul. This rosary is mainly considered to be the best for chanting the mantras of Goddess Lakshmi.

6. Lotus seeds –¬†Use a garland made of lotus seeds in the worship of Lakshmi Ji for the growth of business and the attainment of wealth.

7. Turmeric is considered auspicious in every respect. That is why the use of turmeric in every auspicious work is said to be necessary.

One should chant the mantras of Brihaspati Dev Maa Baglamukhi, from this special grace can be obtained.


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