Respect quotes

Respect quotes- 1. Honor your soul and Remember, if you do not respect your soul, you will keep running after useless things.

2. If you respect yourself, others will respect you too. If you listen carefully to others, then you have a lot of respect in their eyes.

3. It is an honor to help each other. One should respect others, respect one’s efforts, and respect oneself.

4. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. With love comes respect. Take care of your personality. Look at your mistakes. Think well of yourself.

5. Always think positively. Always respect the feelings of others. Leave living where you do not get respect, Whether it is someone’s home or someone’s heart

6. Respect is always given by respectable people because what respect will they give to others who do not have respect for themselves?

7. today everyone wants People to understand their feelings, But no one tries He understands the feelings of others.

8. insult someone, He tells your nature.
how are you, but to respect someone.
He tells your rituals, that’s how you are.

9. Never respect people for their money,
Rather do it for their charity. We don’t judge the sun for its height, Rather give importance to its usefulness.

18Speak to people as much as you can hear,
Just don’t have the courage to speak,
Must have the courage to listen
Because it’s only about self-esteem,
Otherwise he who can hear, can also hear,
But he who can hear cannot hear.10.


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