Healthy heart tips

Healthy heart tips – We love sweets. Whether it is a Teej-festival or a marriage ceremony at home or dinner, we want sweets during or after everyone. But your heart may not like it. It can increase the risk of heart-related diseases. Eating too much sugar increases the risk of diabetes.

1. To keep the heart healthy and fit, drink enough water. Apart from water, drink other liquids as well, such as soup, decoction, etc.

2. Consuming too much salt can increase blood pressure. Which can prove to be dangerous for your heart health in the future.

3. Having a problem with diabetes increases the risk of heart attack, so keep blood sugar under control.

4. By practicing yoga or exercising daily, the risk of heart-related diseases is greatly reduced.

5. Excessive consumption of fried and spicy things increases the risk of heart-related diseases.

6. Being physically inactive can put you at a higher cardiovascular risk than smoking.

7. Sitting for a long time can also increase the risk of heart disease and laughing and running.

8. To keep the heart healthy and fit, it is very important to keep the weight under control.

9. High protein food and fiber should be consumed.

10.Yoga should be done. Must go swimming, exercise and cycling.

11. Must watch comedy movie serial. Laughter keeps the heart right.

12. Lack of blood makes the heart beat faster. Should be examined by a doctor. Depression causes heart palpitations.

13. Maintain ideal body weight, which means body mass index or BMI should be less than 30.


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