Psychology Facts

Psychology Facts- Being attracted to each other is a chemical process, in which the other’s smell, voice, body and gestures start to feel good and a feeling arises in the mind that that person is the best for him.

The literal meaning of the word ‘psychology’ is – the science of the mind.

It is generally divided into 4 parts- Behavioral, Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology.

After doing a psychology course, a career can be made in many sectors like public and private health care, education, sports, social work, therapy and counseling.

1. Psychology is the study of a person’s behavior, where scientific laws and theory are used to diagnose a person’s problems.

2. According to psychology, when randomly from happy to sad, it means that they are missing someone.

3. We are always taught that the way we treat us will treat us the same way. But according to human psychology this is not possible because every person’s personality is different.

4. The more you hide your feelings, the more difficult it will be for the other person to understand you and in such a situation your relationship with the other person will not last long!

5. It is said that our brain does not work as fast when we are awake, whereas our brain works more than when we are sleeping.

6. People who criticize and criticize other people lack self-confidence.

7. Children’s mind is more developed by listening and reading stories. Whereas the brain is less developed by watching TV.


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