food pollution

– Food pollution occurs when there are toxic chemicals present in the food which can harm the person consuming them, and it is the result of ignorance of the human being.

– Nowadays, adulteration has started coming in masala. Some add color to the masala. Puts ocher to red chili powder. Papaya seeds are shaking mix to appear in black pepper.Must buy good quality spices.

– In cheap lube, the artificial fragrance of desi ghee is mixed and sent in the name of desi ghee.

– If some glass or plastic breaks in the kitchen, all food around should be thrown away in case any glass or plastic pieces contaminate the food.

– Vegetables and fruits with green leaves were considered nutritious. But with the use of more fertilizers and medicines, green vegetables have also become chemical-rich.

– Spices that seem to ripen fruits quickly are spoiling the health instead of making them.Wash vegetables and fruits and put them in the fridge.

– Some people eat stale food and eating it causes stomach problems.┬áIf the date expires in the food items, some shopkeepers keep it.

– The child of the poor craves which food, the rich throw away the same food without thinking. Make good use of leftover food, Use it for the needy people.

– Cook food for God and keep your kitchen clean and Use other utensils for non veg.

– Cow should not be given false food because cow is mother and feed the cow by taking out the food in a plastic bag.


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