shortness of breath
shortness of breath- 1. The problem of breathlessness occurs due to overeating, pollution, meditation, lack of water, asthma, etc.

2. Breathing exercises should be done. Do pranayama, meditation and yoga. Do walking and running. This will help you strengthen your lungs

3. Daily routine Steam should be taken.

4. Heat water in a frying pan, add carom seeds and drink it once it is warm  and Taking hot liquid drinks gives you relief.

5. Eating raw garlic strengthens the body’s immunity. Eating garlic chutney with roti gives relief.

6. Fat should not be consumed at all. Thin people can eat fat (fat does not accumulate). Fat people store fat and are not available.

7. Regular oiling of hair reduces hair fatigue, or inflammation and dryness of hair. Oil massage on the head is very good.

8. should take honey in warm water. To increase the level of oxygen in our bodies, we should consume proteins and nitrates.

9. Drink more water and eat salty food. Eat foods that increase hemoglobin.

10. There are many such elements present in cigarettes, due to which there is a lung disease Avoid smoking.

11.  Pollution causes breathing problems. Put on a mask for him. Small efforts of all of us in the direction of preventing pollution can stop the increasing pollution to a great extent.

12. If the breath swells excessively, move away from the AC cooler. take a deep breath.

13. Use Ayurvedic decoction and herbal tea regularly. Drink hot water during the day. You will get a lot of relief from this.


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