Self-power- Aatma shakti is directly related to that God. To make maximum use of this power in our life, it is very important for us to understand it well first.

It can be a quiet room or a secluded open space. Meditating at the same place everyday is considered good for progress in meditation.

the three powers of the soul, realize their qualities through intelligence and Sacrament.

The soul is made up of five elements. Air, soil, water, fire, and sky.

Meditation should be done and for power, the Mind and the body must be connected.

The soul is the beam of light that resides inside living persons in the form of a subtle body.

The mind is very fickle and helps us to think, understand and act about good and bad things. Everyone says that the soul is immortal and it also resides in every living being. Without it, no living being can survive.

After the death of a person, when the relatives do not fulfill his last wishes, then his dead soul keeps wandering on the earth.

Experience self-realization. You can see your soul. Sadhana and yoga are needed.

take this Brahma element. Power comes from within. Your spirit makes you powerful. The soul is God.

Sometimes we must be silent. Silence is a fasting and  it gives peace of mind

With self-power, we can take our own decision, we can be happy in our life, and life is made easy by making any difficult task easy.


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