Independence Day
Today is independence day. people fly kites on this day. It was achieved on 15 August 1947. It is celebrated at Red Fort Delhi. People pray for the security of their country. On this occasion, people sing the national anthem and the national anthem. A national flag is hoisted in schools, colleges, and government institutions on the 15th of August.

Best quotes:-

1. People who refuse to give freedom to others. They are not free.

2. Don’t ask since time, Is our story. Hindi is our language, And we are Hindustani.

3. I want my country’s freedom, not by exploiting others, nor by humiliating any other countries, Rather I want the freedom of my nation in such a way that
other countries than my free country
learn something and follow it.

4. protect our freedom It is not only the work of soldiers to do. Rather, our entire country will have to be strong.

5. There are two ways of freedom in the world – one is false, where man is free to do what he wants and the other is true, in which man is free to do what he should do.

6. 15 august is a day that reminds us of freedom And reminds those martyrs, Who gave their homes for this country, He sacrificed their families and his life.

7. Neither is my government,
No, it’s mine. No big name is mine,
I am proud of one small thing. I am from ‘Hindustan’ And ‘Hindustan’ is mine…
Jai Hind.



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