Benefits of rasgulla

Benefits of rasgulla – it is a traditional Bengali dessert, soft and spongy paneer balls dipped in cardamom-flavored syrup. It is also known as Rosogola in the local dialect and is sweet of Orissa.

The first it was made in the 19th century by Nobin Chandra Das, the late confectioner of Bengal.

This is made of chenna, so the healthy element found in milk also gives calcium in abundance, which strengthens the bones of the body.

Eating it is good for your health. It is beneficial in many diseases and gives energy.

If you are troubled by the disease of jaundice, then eat the daily, and eating it reduces jaundice.

If there is heat in the stomach, then eating keeps the stomach cool.

For the problem of urinary infection, eats. cow’s milk to make it better and You can also use any brand of full-fat milk.

Pregnant women should also not consume more than two peace daily.

Diabetic patients should not consume rasgulla without a doctor’s advice.

The taste of it is very juicy, soft, spongy, and aromatic. If it is eaten cold, then its taste becomes even more wonderful.

By consuming the body gets energy. Along with this, weakness is removed by consuming it. Consuming it is beneficial for making bones strong.

Ingredients for making Rasgulla: On seeing the cold-cold Rasgulla, one’s mouth will get watery. It is also very easy to make at home, to make it only milk, flour, lemon and sugar syrup are needed. After preparing milk chena, rasgullas are made.


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