Teeth care – Our teeth are made of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. The top layer of teeth is called enamel, it is the hardest substance in our body. Inside it is dentin, which is a hard bone-like part made of minerals. Keep your teeth clean for teeth care and Brush your teeth 2 times.

1. Milk, curd, and cheese must be eaten a lot because they are high in calcium and they keep teeth and gums healthy.

2. Vitamin D Strengthens and Keeps Bones, Teeth, and Muscles Healthy.

3. Eating too much sweet in the teeth and getting worms in the teeth happens.

4. Mix olive oil and salt and massage it on your teeth. Along with polishing the teeth, it also removes the bacteria present in the mouth.

5. Lemon helps in fighting the bacteria of the teeth, due to which their strength on the teeth ends.

6. There is pain in the tooth, for that one should eat ice cream and eat soft food.

7. Daily mouth wash should be done. Clean the surface of your tongue.

8. Hot or cold food items and drinks should not be taken together, it damages the teeth.

9. If the teeth move a lot, then apply clove oil on the moving teeth and massage. Or leave it overnight. This gives a lot of relief.

10. Use a good toothpaste and toothbrush Use fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

11. Mix 1 teaspoon jetun oil in half a teaspoon salt and rub this paste gently on the teeth with the help of fingers. Use this mixture regularly and in a few days the yellowing of the teeth will be completely removed.

12. Tooth decay can be reduced somewhat by gargling with salt water before sleeping at night. Clove is easily available in every home.


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