Skin irritation remedies
Skin irritation remedies- Due to excessive heat, the skin comes in contact and it starts irritation. Skin irritation due to change of weather.

1. Cosmetic – Sometimes this happens because of cosmetic products and if it does not suit then do not do it.

2. Aloe Vera – Massage your skin with aloe vera gel. After 5 minutes wash the skin with normal water.

Prepare a paste by mixing rose water and aloe vera gel and freeze it by keeping it in an ice-tray. When the ice is frozen, rub it on your skin and massage it.

3. Milk- Applying cold powder on the skin removes irritation and can be applied on the skin by keeping raw milk in an ice tray.

4.Water – Due to lack of water in the body, there is irritation  and heat in the skin. Water should be drunk.

5. Coconut oil- By applying coconut oil on the face for a few days, the sunburn goes away naturally and you feel relief.

6. Mint- If there is an irritation  sensation in the body and to prevent heat, tightness and burning in the stomach, mint can be taken.

7. Ice pack – Relaxing skin by applying ice pack. Avoid oily food and unhealthy food.

8. If there is irritation or itching in the skin due to skin infection, then the doctor may recommend injections.

9. Calamine lotion or cream is given to apply on the skin to reduce itching and burning, so that the affected skin can heal quickly.


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