Quotes By Great People
Quotes By Great People – There have been many such great people in the country and abroad, whose thoughts change our lives only by reading them. When we do not understand anything in life, then only the thoughts of these great people guide us.

1. Think about many things. Never put your happiness under the control of any one person. Just be yourself. – Vikram Seth

2. What I have learned is that no matter what happens, or how bad the time may seem today, life always moves on, and it will be better tomorrow. – Maya Angelou

3. Every experience gives strength, courage, and confidence, which stops the look of fear on your face. – Eleanor Roosevelt

4. We should meet with each other with a smile on our faces because that is where love begins. – Mother Teresa

5. Ego is the biggest enemy of man. He also makes gold necklaces out of clay. – Maharishi Valmiki

6. When we pay attention to the faults of others, we become very good. But when we pay attention to our faults. Then you will find yourself crooked and cunning. – Mahatma Gandhi

7. If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to wake yourself up to do whatever you want to do.-  J M Power J.M. Power

8. The service that is done without pleasure helps neither the servant nor the one who does the service. – Mahatma Gandhi

9. The problem you want to solve and if the solution has been found, then it is wrong to tell only the solution, it is important to clarify that problem as well. – Steve Jobs

10. Experience is what you get and experience is what you want but you don’t get it. – Dan Stanford Dan Stanford

11. There is no desire for love other than love. But if you love and cannot live without wanting you, then only wish that you melt in the juice of love and start flowing in this holy spring of love. – Khalil Gibran


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