Sinus- The problem occurs due to headache, tingling in the sinuses, allergic to dusty soil, pollution, and frequent nasal congestion. Sinus occurs due to the increase in the bone of the nose.

home remedies –

1. Nose opens by inserting nasal Spray and before taking steam, put a drop in the nose and then take steam. Put oil or ghee in the nose to soften it.

2. The liquid should be taken more and the lack of water in our body is removed.

3. Drink warm water by adding lemon juice and honey.

4. Pranayama, “Bhramari” Pranayama breathing exercise. This exercise helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Do Inhale breathing exercise.

5. Green vegetables should be eaten. Sour food items avoid and Avoid oily food. Don’t drink cold.

6. Apply ice pack on headache. Drinking soup provides relief from headaches and coughs.

7. For relief from chronic cold (sinus), pressure should be given on the mid-point of the fingers of the hands and feet.

8. You have to put onion slices on a pan and heat it as much as you can to keep them on your sinuses. It is a good treatment for the sinus.

9. For cough, put jaggery, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, salt, and sugar in a milk pan and boil them all. Then drink it when it cools down.

10. Garlic is also a better cure. The allicin enzyme present in it eliminates the bacteria and viruses in the sinus.

11. Avoid stale food, sugarcane juice, curd, rice, banana, ice cream, cold drinks, cold milk from the fridge, chocolate, and spicy food. Do not move around in cold air or cover your nose and mouth.


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