How to save money?

How to save money? – Everyone needs money and without money, no work is done. Inflation has become so much these days that it has become difficult to save money.

1. Greedy people do  for money. Some people are stingy, they don’t want to spend. Some people don’t lend and should never use lending for money problems.

2.Some people do not earn honestly and steal, and others are fooled and robbed, causing money problems. One should talk to positive people and stop complaining, lying, not respecting others, and doing evil.

3. shri Laxmi Vishnu –  Some people give charity to others, giving them gives happiness in contemplation and getting the blessings of Shri Lakshmi Ji.

Shri Lakshmi Ji should be worshipped and 108 names of Shri Lakshmi and Vishnu Ji should be meditated.

Shri Lakshmi Ji is also pleased by helping the needy and poor people. Apart from this, donate medicines or money regularly to any charitable hospital.

4. Keep your mind pure and do pure thoughts and deeds. Torn clothes or old clothes should be given to the poor. Keep your house clean and remove unnecessary things.

5. Control expense – create a monthly budget for household expenses. Control expenses. Before you go shopping, make a list of the important things.

6. For savings, it is very important that you keep your savings and spending bank accounts separate. This will reduce your expenses.

7. Your health- Don’t compromise your health to save. Take care of your health, it is better to take care of yourself in advance than to lose all your savings by falling ill later.

8. Online shopping- Many times we get good discounts when we shop online. Especially we give us great discount offers on Amazon and Flipkart shopping.


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