Metal names

Metal names- Examples of metals are aluminium, copper, iron, tin, gold, lead, silver, titanium, uranium and zinc. Well-known alloys include bronze and steel.

1. Copper- For Health- Drinking copper metal water is beneficial. Keeps blood pressure under control and Cholesterol works. Prevents the risk of a heart attack.

Copper keeps the water pure. Drinking copper water does not cause skin problems. There is no gas in the stomach. Stomach pain is cured. Relieves from stomach problems.

If you use copper utensils, keep cleaning them regularly. Drinking lemon water in a copper vessel can prove to be very harmful to health. Lemon contains acid that reacts inversely with copper on health.

pure copper- The purity of copper can be detected with the help of a magnet. Try placing a magnet on a copper urn, glass, or bottle.  If it sticks then copper is adulterated. The color of real copper is pinkish-orange.

Water should be offered to Shri Suraya in a copper vessel.

2. Silver – Jewelry – Silver is a soft, white, and very lustrous metal, it is shiny as well as valuable. It is used in many types of work ranging from making ornaments.

Silver”s  identity- Silver reacts with water, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide and turns black. For whether the silver is real or fake, you place a snowflake on the silver. If the snow starts melting rapidly, then it is the identity of real silver. It will feel like ice has been placed on some hot thing.

Silver articles turn black when left in the open air because silver reacts with sulfur present in the air to form a layer of silver sulfide.

3. Golden- The United States holds the largest reserves of gold in the world by a margin of over 8,100 tonnes.

Pure gold is called 24 carats which are very soft. To make this gold hard, silver or copper is added to it.

In the modern jewelry market, there are three types of gold: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

You can find out the quality of gold. You have to put the gold in the water first if the gold is floating on the top. So understand that gold is fake.


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