Monsoon sickness

Monsoon sickness –¬†1. Your health- ¬†Monsoon season brings with it many diseases. Care should be taken to eat and drink during this season. Hands should be washed before eating. Avoid stale food. take care of your health.

2. Skin care – we should be taken during the rainy season because there are pimples in the skin and clamminess in the skin.

3. Stomach diseases, cold cough, and other diseases occur in the rainy season. Light food should be eaten in season.

4. Malaria and Dengue trouble in the rainy season. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to use mosquito repellants and close the doors and windows of the house before dusk. Also, try that water should not stagnate in the trees and plants around your house.

6. Green-leaf vegetables should not be eaten because there are insects in the rainy season and it is not fresh.

7. milk warm drink add turmeric, drinking hot tea, coffee, decoction, and other soups keeps the body warm and does not cause infection.

8. For the rainy season, it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the house and water should not accumulate around the house.

9. Avoid oily food, spicy food, unhealthy food, and cold drinks. Taking care of your food and drink, prevent your body from becoming a home of diseases.

10. During the rainy season, you should carry drinking water with you in hilly areas and avoid eating street food.

11. The clothes should be washed after looking at the rainy season because it takes time to dry the clothes.


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