home remedies to stop snoring

home remedies to stop snoring – Some people have a habit of being snoring. They take stop snoring due to lack of sleep. The most common causes of snoring include being overweight, sleeping on your back, sleeping with your mouth open, smoking and drinking alcohol, stuffy nose, etc.

1. Turmeric- reduce snoring To do put turmeric in have warm milk

2. Honey- Put honey and lemon juice in warm water or you can drink adding honey to the milk. Consuming honey will open the nasal passage so that oxygen passes easily.

3. Water- Due to dehydration, the nose and palate become sticky and due to this, snoring comes more. To overcome this, drink plenty of water and increase the amount of liquid diet.

4. Some people do not have BP and sugar control. Some people suffer because of increasing their weight. Do not use pillows.

5. Nasal drop- Some people are unable to breathe due to the closure of their nose and because of it, they suffocate. Before sleeping, put a nasal drop in your nose and take steam.

6. Soy milk- If you have a problem with snoring, then you should consume soy milk. By consuming it daily, you will also get relief in the problem of snoring.

7. cardamom- Mix half or one teaspoon of cardamom powder in a glass of water and consume it half an hour before bedtime.

8. garlic- Eat one or two cloves of garlic and drink water every night before sleeping. You can get relief from snoring.


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