Cancer treatment- The cycle results from total exhaustion when it breaks down like a battery. then organs Those being observed by the chakra are left uncontrolled and in this case, the cells are growing wildly, without regard to the whole. The moment the lost energy is brought back into the chakra, it takes over the protector duty, evolution The cells are pulled back to their normal, with a whole.

Avoid- Alcohol, smoking and unhealthy food, and oily food should be avoided for cancer. Cancer is caused by Liver and throat cancer.

Eat nutritious food rich in vitamins and fiber (green vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses). Outside canned food items should not be eaten.

Do not use too much salt in food and never put salt on top of cooked food.

By eating soybeans or things made from it, the chances of prostate and breast cancer are reduced.

Instead of eating medicines of minerals and vitamins, adopt natural methods.

Some people have hormone changes. It happens even when age. Cancer is caused by stress and obesity.

cancer treatment for Daily routine exercise should be done and keep your weight low. Sometimes keep getting your body checked up.

The most important thing is to control your emotions. To be too emotional is also to invite Cancer. Even if you are taking nutritious food and you are emotionally weak, then even nutritious food will not be able to show its effect.

Cancer is caused due to lack of blood and infection occurs.

Cancer patients get their hair cut. Chemotherapy is given to patients to kill cancer cells.

The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.




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