My hobbies

My hobbies writing stories- I like to write stories. I used to write many stories earlier and I used to spend time writing stories.

Story listening, reading, and writing have been a part of human life for centuries and it provides entertainment as well as knowledge.

I like to write love stories and don’t like fight stories and all story books are different.

Use the brain to write the story. First of all, reading any storybook and reading it gives knowledge.

Write your story in short. An actor should be in the story so that people can read with interest.

There should be drama, suspense, and action while writing a story.

Knowledge is gained by studying and who helps by experience.

Stories help people understand the meaning of life. it not only advances intelligence and knowledge in memorable ways, but it also helps in the development of the student’s imagination.

Stories connect our feelings. We share excitement, problems, sorrows, and joys. They increase our understanding and empathy.

Telling and reading out stories on a regular basis is a good practice as it provides a learning opportunity and is also a fun experience.

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. A good story is one that is written according to the reader. The reader of the story should feel that the story here is similar to it.

The more you write on paper, the more brain exercise you will get and the more creative you will become.



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