Good morning

Good morning- 1. Love is such an experience that never lets a person give up. And hate is an experience that never lets a man win.

2. The greatest truth of life is that; We know what we are living for, but we never know who is living for us.

3. On that day all our troubles will end, the day we will be sure that all our works are being done according to the will of God.

4. Breaking coconut in the temple tells that first we take out the husk of the coconut, it is our wish, which is to be removed first. Then its hard part breaks, it is our ego, which is very necessary to remove.

Then the water has come out, we have negative thoughts inside. After leaving, the pure white Guri comes again. We cannot meet God without removing the desire, ego, and negative thinking “which is the symbol of the soul”.

5. Relationships are not broken by being far away, nor do they get attached by staying close, these are strong threads of feeling, which become stronger by remembering.

6. There are some people in life To whom even 2 minutes of talk gives you happy all day.

7. We are Indians, we worship both the rising and the setting sun.

8. smile in the mirror. Do this every morning and you will start to see a big difference in your life.

9. No matter how difficult life seems, you have something or the otherĀ potential to succeed.

10. people say we smile a lotĀ And we hide the tired pain.


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