Typhoid fever-

In typhoid fever, infection occurs due to wrong food or water. It happens because of eating someone’s liar.

There is weakness in the body of typhoid and energy is reduced. Slowly the weight starts decreasing.

home remedies-
1. For protein, carbohydrates, dry fruits, avocados, dates, apricots, etc. must be consumed.

2. To get relief from typhoid fever, boil 8-9 cloves in 10 cups of water. When the water becomes half, then consume it throughout the day. typhoid And drinking a decoction of basil gives relief.

3. Hand wash should be done after having food Because bacteria stick on the hands too, which can enter the body by eating.

4. Liquid should be taken. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Spicy food and sour items should not be taken.

5. Sometimes fever comes due to heatstroke in summer. For that, boil raw mango and grind it in a mixer and filter. Mix black salt, black pepper, and sugar in it and keep it in the fridge, and drink.

6. It is necessary to check with the doctor. Do not take medicine on your merit.

7. Patients should always drink plenty of fluids. You can take water, fresh fruit juice, herbal tea etc.

8. Foods rich in carbohydrates are necessary to make the body turmeric and energetic, because during typhoid fever, the body’s energy level is exhausted, so foods like oatmeal, fruit custard, boiled egg, honey and boiled rice in the food. should be consumed.

9. Frequent hand washing in warm, soapy water is the best way to control infection.


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