Shradh- In Hinduism, the rituals performed after the death of family members for the satisfaction of their souls are called Shradh Karma.

Shradh means whatever is given with reverence. This is the name of the donations made with reverence for the ancestors (donations of havishyan, sesame, kush, and water).

After the death of the person, the date of death, food, and water should be donated for a whole year.

Gaya is considered the city of Vishnu. Shri Vishnu himself is present here in the form of Pitru Devta, hence it is also called ‘Pitru Tirtha. Every year lakhs of people from all over the country and abroad come to Gaya for Pind Daan.

One should chant Gayatri Mantra and listen to the hymns of God so that the soul can get peace and get blessed.

Water should be given to the sun daily and Some people Donate to the poor.

If someone the food by calling the pandit And giving them clothes and money. On the day of shradh, make Kheer, Dahi Bhalla, and sweets for Panditji.

These days, they come to earth in the form of a crow to meet their family. Giving food to crows in Pitru Paksha has special significance. The crow is considered a symbol of God Yamraj.

Some people are feeds dogs, cows, crows, ants, and deity, feed Brahmins.

Do not talk at any time during the meal. Because it is believed that food does not reach the ancestors by speaking while preparing food.


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