texting thumb syndrome

texting thumb syndrome- In today’s time, mobiles, computers and I pad have started to be used.┬áThe problem caused by sending too many messages is called texting thumb syndrome. That is, it is causing a problem in his thumb.

The problem of swelling or pain caused by giving more pressure on the thumb is called texting thumb.

Some people keep playing games on mobile and there is a pain in their fingers and their hands.

Use the less mobile phone and if you watch videos, do not keep your hands on the mobile and keep it on the mobile stand or somewhere else.

If you have to type a lot of text on a smartphone, then it is better to use voice typing.


Turmeric- Turmeric contains a good amount of curcumin as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Drinking turmeric mixed with hot milk cures the pain and this joint gets cured with the help of pain You can make a paste of turmeric and apply it to the thumb.

Apple cider vinegar – Apply apple cider vinegar app vinegar on a cotton swab and apply it to the thumb.

Ginger – ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve pain. Mix ginger juice and honey and drink it, it provides relief from pain.

Apply an ice pack to the base of your thumb and wrist for at least 15 minutes every 4-6 hours to reduce swelling and reduce thumb pain.and do exercise.

Wearing a splint in the wrist can provide some relief in pain. The symptoms of CTS can be bothersome most of the night, so the bandage can be done in the evening and while sleeping at night.


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