how to relieve fatigue?- Tiredness goes away with rest, while weakness remains. Fatigue causes mental and physical fatigue.

physical fatigue- due to lack of sleep, due to heavy food, etc. To overcome fatigue and you must complete your sleep.

You must exercise. Bathing removes fatigue. Due to lethargy and fatigue, some vitamins are deficient.

Lemon juice and honey mixed with warm water. Don’t eat extra food. Drinking water is very important.

Some people have diabetes, and the thyroid and feet cause fatigue. Must sit in the sun. Do must massage.

Breakfast gives you the energy to stay active throughout the day. Eat a breakfast that is high in protein and fiber and low in sugar and fat.

Drinking fresh fruit juice in the morning keeps the body fresh and removes fatigue. Drinking grapefruit juice gives energy to the body and reduces fatigue.

Mental fatigue- to relieve fatigue For loss of appetite, overwork, and inability to concentrate is another problem in mental fatigue.

Do not do any work together and give rest to your mind.

More Tension should not be done and if tension remains, remove it or solve the problem. Tension causes mental fatigue.

You should go for a walk for a few days or listen to music with walking. It keeps the mind fresh.

Set your bedtime and wake-up time. Do not look at the mobile while sleeping, it does not make you sleepy and later you feel tired due to lack of sleep.

Keep fasting once or twice a week. This gives enough rest to the organs to start working again after some interval.




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