lungs care

– for lungs care ┬áBy drinking the decoction, mucus is cured and when water, carom seeds, basil, ginger, clove, and turmeric are ready in a pan, filter it and drink it.

– Lungs problem is the cause of shortness of breath, infection, uncoordinated, and cough.

– Smoking damages the lungs. Wear a mask to stay away from air pollution.

– Mixing lemon juice and honey in warm water and drinking it clears the chest.

– Due to cold and cold in the changing season, many times phlegm accumulates in the chest and throat. The warm liquid should be taken.

– Lungs have a bad effect due to gas in the stomach. Heavy foods should not be eaten.

– To strengthen your lungs, fruits and green vegetables should be eaten.

– Drinking hot water keeps the body healthy. It helps in weight loss, and digestion strengthens digestion, removes colds, and accelerates metabolism.

– Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can thin the mucus accumulated in the lungs. Drinking tea or just hot water clears the airways.

– An element called allicin in garlic keeps it away from the problem of inflammation and irritation. There is also no infection in the lungs. Consumption of garlic is also very beneficial for asthma.

– High Fiber Foods To avoid the coronavirus, including a diet rich in fiber in your diet.

– For this, you walk fast, run, swim, and cycle, this will increase your ability to breathe and your lung function will also improve.

– Onion treatment – put unpeeled onion on the flame of gas – the skin gets burnt and the rest of the onion becomes hot, remove each peel and put it on the lungs ya sinuses.



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