Benefits of Navratna stones

If you are wearing a real Navaratna, then it is necessary that the gems of the planets should be placed in the right order, in the right direction. Otherwise they can show their opposite effect.

Reduces the bad effects of all the Navagrahas engaged in this ring. Wearing it develops positive energy in the body.

1. There are good benefits of wearing Navratna stones  Stays right for Health.

2. They wear stones in the name of the new planets and Weak planets are strengthened by wearing stones.

3. Only nine gems are worn more. Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Topaz for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus, Sapphire for Saturn, Onyx for Rahu, Garlic for Ketu.

4. There are good benefits of wearing Navratan. Stays right for Health. Wearing it is Happiness and gives peace of mind.

5. Prevents negative thoughts from coming and does not do any work to get access to.

6. Wearing a stone gives God’s blessings and there is no shortage of money.

7. Before wearing a ring or locket, it should be washed with Ganga water and then worshipped.

8. Everything and creature have its energy which exerts its effect.

9. To wear the stone, should be worn by asking a good astrologer and wearing it after seeing the auspicious day.

10. It is also worn for the development of intellect and benefit in memory power, apart from this, many paths arise for the benefit of eye patients and by wearing it, many ways of getting money.


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