Benefits of eating curd

1. Benefits of eating Curd is used with food and breakfast is used. Its buttermilk is made of Dry fruits, chocolate, and strawberry shake and it remains cold in the stomach.

2. Body healthy- Calcium, protein, and vitamins are found in abundance in curd, which is very important for a healthy body. It also contains lactose, iron, and phosphorus.

3. Different types of curd- Frozen Yogurt, Fermented Milk Products, Soy Curd, Buttermilk, and Weeley.

4. The taste of curd and yogurt is different. The taste of curd is sourer and the taste of yogurt is mild and sweet.

5. hair care-  Wash the hair by applying curd to the hair it makes the hair soft and clean, There was no dandruff.

6. to sleep- This substance called casein, which enters our body due to the consumption of curd, repairs those brake tissues. Some people do not sleep, they should eat curd.

7. To avoid the side effects of taking antibiotics, doctors also recommend consuming curd.

8.  Sugar level control- Eating curd keeps the sugar level under control and reduces appetite.

9. By eating curd sugar in the morning, our body gets glucose immediately and good for stomach.

10. Skin care- Using curd on the face in summer gets rid of skin tanning, blemishes and dead skin cells.

11. It is ideal to consume curd during the day time in winters. Curd should not be eaten after 5:00 pm as it creates mucus, especially in people with asthma and allergies.


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