old childhood memories

The 90s are old memories and not forgotten. No matter how much we try to forget the old memories of childhood, we can not forget them,  it remains somewhere in our mind.

1. We Used to go to Rajasthan on holidays. Used to carry school bags to do school homework.

2. We slept on the roof and Used to eat food on the roof. We used to funny jokes with family.

3. Every Sunday we watch Chandrakanta, Mahabharat, Krishna, Ramayana, hum Panch, Shriman Ji and Shrimati Ji, tu tu main, Dekh Bhai Dekh comedy serials, and cartoons.

4. We Used to go to the movies Everyday Sunday and go to the restaurant to eat.

5. Used to post a letter to someone, now they can msg on mobile.

6. In the old times, we used to talk on land phone, now nowadays everyone has started using their mobile.

7. Used to listen to songs on audio cassette and watch movies on the CD player.

8. Pinky, Chacha Chaudhary, etc used to read a lot of pot comics and read magazines. enjoyed reading while traveling. can read everything on the internet.

9. At weddings or any function, we used to get a chance to meet everyone, but now no one has time and everyone is busy with work.

10. Used to go for a walk in the hill station and the weather there is very nice. There is no pollution and there is peace. It is nice to see the greenery and the mountains. There is cold weather lasts.


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