Pancreas- it  is a very important part of our digestive system. It works to convert our food into energy. It is located on the inner side of the stomach.

1. Swelling of the pancreas can occur due to a lack of water in the body. This is  cells need to be hydrated at all times.

2. Eat daily fruits and green vegetables- Consumption of fruits like cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi is good for the health. Avoid oily food and do not eat fatty food items.

3. Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee if you have acidity problems. Taking healthy drinks.

4. Antioxidant-rich foods such as dark, leafy vegetables, red berries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, grapes, carrots, walnuts, and pomegranates are also beneficial.

5. Daily routine exercise should be done and your weight should be kept low and must walk.

6. Don’t let your empty stomach become gas. Lemon, ginger, and carom seeds can be a panacea for stomach gas.

7. Garlic can be great for the pancreas. It has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and is also beneficial for those with high blood pressure.

8. The immediate energy in the body is obtained by burning glucose. Cells require insulin for glucose acquisition and utilization, which is secreted from the pancreatic juice and travels throughout the body through the blood.

9. Eating junk food can greatly increase the problem of acidity and indigestion.

10. Smoking and drinking alcohol cause harm and avoid it. The risk of pancreatitis is reduced and the healing process is accelerated.


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