Amnesia treatment

Some people have amnesia and it happens because of poor memory. Amnesia can be caused by stress, depression, lack of sleep, or thyroid problems. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes amnesia.

1. Do meditation – By doing yoga and meditation, the mind and contemplation get peace. Do breathing exercises for the brain.

2. Playing brain games –  by playing brain games, the power of thinking and understanding increases and Chess, puzzle game, find the difference and sudoku Playing games gives brain power.

3.  Consumption of Shankhpushpi is also considered beneficial in strengthening memory. This herb contains many types of anti-oxides.

4. Dry fruits should be eaten,  It makes the memory strong and  Must eat with almonds and walnuts.

5. Egg should be eaten daily in the morning and it is good for health. Eggs have the most protein. Then there’s calcium, omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Reading knowledge books increases the power of the mind. As many people you meet, you will listen to their words and their way of speaking and their thoughts, this will increase your knowledge and self-confidence in you.

7.  Everyone likes to eat chocolate. Eat dark chocolate, it is right for the brain. This is increases brain power. 10 grams of chocolate daily makes the brain chocolaty.

8. Give energy to your mind and relax your mind. By writing a diary in your daily routine, there is no tension in the mind.

9.  To stay healthy, you must eat good and nutritious food. Green vegetables, sprouts, and fruits should be eaten.


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