Love is life

Regardless of the reason for our lack of love for ourselves, we must begin to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves with the kind of love we give to others.

1. Definition of love –
love is a feeling. Love that comes from the heart, not from the mind, many feelings, which include different thoughts.

2. the identity of love –
they support in every trouble, speak the truth, and do not hide anything, there are no conditions. Couples who touch each other more are happier.

3. strength –
If the power of your anger is more and the power of this is less then it will never move forward. For that, keep your anger calm, only then you will get the power of love.

4. Life- identity of right and wrong is revealed through love and life lessons are taught to all.

5. pain  – In love the pain is hidden and in love, there is victory and defeat.

6. a feeling of love – A feeling of strong attachment or admiration and caring for someone or something. It is  should be understood and feelings.

One can love another human being expressed in kindness, affection, and feelings for him. care for each other in love, by doing care the trust gets deeper.

7. Radha Krishna’s love was true because their love was such that even though they were two bodies, both of them had one soul.

8. No matter how happy a person is,
But when he’s alone, So he remembers only that person, whom he loves with all his heart.


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