Eyes care tips – Eyes are the most beautiful and you should take care of your eyes.

1. Eyes care tips –
In the morning time, first wash your eyes with normal water, and should not be washed with hot water.

2. Sit in the sunlight-
 Sitting in the sunlight increases eyesight and some people do not sleep, they should sit in the sunlight.

3. rest your eyes-
If there is sleepiness, heaviness in the eyes, tiredness, or burning, then for some time Give your eyes a rest.

4. Do not use mobile in dark –
Sleeping late at night causes darkening of the eyes and using a mobile in the dark causes darkening of the eyes.

5. use onions –
Sometimes it is good to cry or when tears come in the eyes while cutting onions, then the dirt of the eyes comes out and becomes clean.

6. For exercises-
This is exercises should be done. Do not blink your eyes. Hold a pen or pencil at an arm’s distance in front of your eyes and focus on its tip.

7. keep eyes cool –
Apply kajal to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Sometimes keep cucumber, potato, and green tea tip on your eyes, it gets coolness in the eyes.

8. Rose water-
Putting rose water in the eyes gives coolness to the eyes and there is no pain in the eyes.

9. aloe Vera gel-
Put some water in the aloe vera gel and soak the cotton and apply it to the eyes so it does not hurt.

10. Keep smiles –
for Being happy brings a glow to the face and also makes the eyes sparkle.

11. For candle treatment, seeing your eyes with a candle light enhances your eyesight.

12. For eyes pain-
If there is pain in the eyes, then apply an  ice pack, it gives quick relief or do meditation.


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