Shri Nav Durga Ma –

Nine medicinal tree plants which have been called Shri Nav Durga ma
(1)  Shailputri Devi (Harad): The medicine used in many types of diseases is Harad Himavati, which is a form of Goddess Shailputri. It is Pattaya, Haritika, Amrita, Hemavati, Kayastha, Chetak, and Shreyasi There are seven types.
(2) Brahmacharini Devi (Brahmi): Brahmi enhances age and memory, removes blood disorders, and makes the voice sweet. Hence it is also called Saraswati.
(3) Chandraghanta Devi (Chandusur): This is a plant that is similar to coriander. This medicine is beneficial in removing obesity, hence it is also called Charmahanti.
(4) Kushmanda Devi (petha): This medicine makes petha sweet. Hence this form is called petha. It is also called Kumhda, which helps clean the stomach by removing blood disorders. Mental It is like nectar in diseases. Do not eat petha made from saccharin these days, make it at home.
(5) Skandmata Devi (linseed): Goddess Skandmata is present in linseed in the form of medicine. It is an antidote for Vata, bile, and phlegm diseases. Due to the high amount of fiber in it, it should be taken daily in the morning and evening after every meal after eating it. It also purifies the blood.
(6) Katyayani Devi (Moiya): Goddess Katyayani is known by many names in Ayurveda like Amba, Ambalika, and Ambika. Apart from this, she is also called Moiya. This medicine destroys the diseases of Kapha, Pitta, and Throat.
(7) Kalratri Devi (Nagdaun): This goddess is known as Nagdaun medicine. It is beneficial in all kinds of diseases and removes disorders of the mind and brain. It is also a panacea for piles. Dudhi is called in Jabalpur
(8) Mahagauri Devi (Tulsi): There are seven types of Tulsi, White Tulsi, Black Tulsi, Maruta, Davana, Kudherak, Arjak, and Shatpatra. It cleans the blood and destroys heart diseases. It should be taken every morning except Ekadashi.
(9) Siddhidatri Devi (Shatavari): The ninth form of Durga is Siddhidatri, which is called Narayani Shatavari. It is useful for strength, intelligence, and prudence. This is a panacea medicine, especially for pregnant women (mothers who have less milk after surgery) and should consume it.
Let us all use these natural Ayurvedic medicines on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. make yourself healthy by consuming


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