Trekking is the journey on foot through inaccessible bumpy mountain and valley routes. Everyone loves trekking. Some people go to the hill station and do traveling.

Prepare before you go trekking –

1. Do exercise –  Before going on your trekking, you should exercise so that does not get tiring. Do cycle exercise and walk, run, and jogging.

2. Your backpack- Put clothes in it, put a water bottle and medicine, a torch, all these small things. Do not keep heavy items in your backpack and keep lightweight items.

Keep a first aid kit with you, in which gauze-bandage, scissors, antibiotic ointment, pain killer, and medicine to be applied to the injury must be kept.

3. After buying the shoes, wear them for a daily workout or running. Your socks should also be of good quality.

4. Be friendly with the local people wherever you are going for the trek and have full respect for their customs, beliefs, and religion.

Benefits of trekking –

The lush green landscape, beautiful backdrop, and clear azure waters will also attract the attention of unwilling people on a traveling tour. The main features of trekking are physical fitness, patience, knowledge of hiking, good camping, and long expeditions.

1. The advantage of trekking is that your build confidence and Courage.

2. You meet many unknown people and become friends and enjoy with them.

3. Tracking for 1 hour burns an average of 600 calories. Tracking helps the body work out at once.

4. Keep drinking water so that there is no shortage of water in the body.

5. You can meditate anywhere in the hills. There is peace of mind in the mind and tension remains less.

6. Strengthens blood circulation, and the respiratory system and strengthens the heart.


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