Ear care tips

1. Ear care-  The ears should be kept clean and the wax should be removed. do not allow the wax to accumulate in the ears and hearing power is reduced.

2. Any type of viral, bacterial, or fungal infection can be the cause of ear runny.

3. watery ear- Many times water gets into the ear while bathing clean the ear with a towel and the water will come out automatically.

4. Ear watering is cured by sitting in the sun and asking a doctor and taking antibiotics medicine. 

5. Listen to loud voice – Some people have a habit that they listen to songs in loud voice by putting them in earphones and there is a fear of tearing the ear piercing and infection. if you listen to songs listen softly without earphones. Ears are delicate, so you should take care of your ears.

Ear care tips


6. ringing in the ear- Some people have the sound coming in their ears, Close your ears with your fingers then inhale and exhale. Due to the problem of teeth and Cough and Taking steam gives relief in ear.

7. Ear pain – If there is a pain in the ear, then putting warm olive oil and garlic and putting it in the ear provides relief. In case of ear pain, you can keep an ice pack or apply a hot pack ya ice pack.

8. Due to excessive stress, eating unhealthy food, and doing more physical activity, the nerves start weakening. To avoid this, Dr. Atal Bihari Trivedi of the Jammu Institute of Ayurveda advises following some tips. It removes weakness and gives strength.

9. To avoid noise pollution, put cotton in the ear. For ear numbness, steam should be taken, and breathing exercises.

10. In case of itching in the ear, apply little oil under the ear.


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