Poor children

1. It is very sad to see poor children of poverty and money Due to lack, children are not able to go to school.

2. Poor parents take their children to work with them. Some children want to study, so their parents do not let them study.

3. Illiterate parents are intelligent and put their children in school because they know that they cannot study themselves and do not want to be like themselves.

4. The solution is Poverty must be eradicated to stop child labor and the spread of education because the illiterate person does not understand child labor.

5. If education is promoted, then child labor will be stopped and people will be aware of child labor.

6. in the orphanage Children should be helped and clothes, food items, and books should be given to read.

7. Some people offer money to God in the temple and Pandit people use it, then there are poor people outside the temple, they should be given it and their prayer removes our troubles.

8. Some people’s Food is wasted at weddings, parties, and temples. The poor don’t get food and remain hungry. The poor should be given food.

9. Some people leave their children in orphanage because of poverty and because of lack of money and leave them anywhere when they have a baby.

10. They are unable to buy clothes and wear torn clothes. Some clothes should be given to the poor.

11. The one who lives on the footpath does not have a house and eats food on the footpath and the children study.


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