Benefits of lemon

The benefits of lemon are good. This is used for everything. Fruits, food, lemon tea, pickles, and drinks. Vitamin C is found in lemon. Lemon is good for health and has the benefit of curing diseases.

1. Mix lemon juice and honey in warm water in a daily routine. This is for the stomach and It can help in reducing body weight.

2. Lemon should not be used too much. Excessive consumption of lemonade can cause acidity Do not drink lemon water for teeth problems and cough.

3. Dandruff does not happen by applying to hair. Applying lemon on the face clears the face and can be put in the face pack, but applying it daily causes damage to the face.

4.To prevent heatstroke, drinking lemon mixed with black salt water does not cause heatstroke even if you are outside in the afternoon.

5. Some people hang lemon and green chilies at the gate of their shop or house. It doesn’t look evil eye.

6. Keeping lemon in water in a glass does not bring negative energy and There is peace in the house. Change the water and lemon once a week.

7.  Do not keep lemon and green chilies together as it gives negative energy. Anything goes wrong.

8. Keeping lemon before sleeping at night gives good sleep and keeps the mind fresh.

9.By mopping with lemon water, all the stains on the ground will be cleaned and the germs will also die.

10. Taking a bath in summer by mixing the juice of one lemon in a bucket of water keeps freshness throughout the day.

11.Shri Kali Mata ji offers a garland of lemons and by doing this the desire is fulfilled and Do not keep Shri kali Ma” photo in the house Because Shri Maa Kali is the destructive form of Durga Mata who is always in anger.



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