Not only in this new era, but the trend of Henna is happening for a long. It is applied on the hands, feet, hands, etc. Some people have the hobby of applying mehndi and Applying keeps the body cool. Henna not only enhances the beauty of hands, but its leaves also give tremendous health benefits to the body.

1. the leaves of a plant/shrub called henna are dried and ground. Then its paste is applied. In case of burns on any part of the body, grind the leaves or mehndi bark and prepare the paste.

2. Some people apply henna to their hair and hands. Applying This increases the love between the bride and groom. It is also believed that the redder the color of deeper the love between the two.

3. Chemicals named PPD and diamine are present in the henna used in the market, which can cause skin infections.

4. Some people get itchy by applying this on their hands because this contains chemicals and does not apply henna. Use only herbal or homemade henna to avoid side effects.

5. Mehndi is used in festivals and weddings or any function. The color of the old becomes light, do avoid and this is fresh applied.

6. For hair – This is an old household remedy to darken white hair. Boil coffee or tea leaves in Mehndi and pour them into Mehndi. Mix and let it soak for 1 hour after strain. You can also use Triphala, shikakai, amla, tea, or black coffee in it.
If you have applied henna to color the hair, then do not apply it for more than one and a half hours.

7. It is said that once to pacify the anger of Goddess Durga, the gods and goddesses decorated the mother with mehndi. Since then, applying mehndi on any special occasion is considered auspicious.



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